Did we miss Fall?!

I guess we did or at least we forgot to post anything. Must have been because we've been so busy learning new tunes and trying new instruments on for size! Let's see…Doug is playing munnharpe (jaw harp) on a tune called "Å Kjøre Vatn, å Kjøre Ved", while Jer plays mountain dulcimer and Glenn plays octave mandolin; and then there's yours truly who sings and plays a Nashville tuned guitar on it.

We've definitely gotten a little further into the listening type of music but are ever ready for dancers as always.

We just played last night at the Contented Cow for Northfield's annual Winter Walk which was another "pop-up" gig (like so many are for us) with mere days to try to get the word out. It was a great time, with Dolce following up with their lovely woodwind sounds.

We'll be at the Cow again December 21 from 5-7pm for the Winter Solstice party, so please join us for that if you can.

Have a great Holiday season!

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Latest News!

Funny how everyone always says – "wait until summer when we'll have more time" – does anyone really have more time in the summer? I think most of us tend to get a lot busier, just with stuff that's more fun maybe! Family reunions, vacations, weddings, quick getaways to the North Shore, etc.

Multe has been getting together as often as we can for practices and learning some very interesting new tunes that include vocals and one that features a mountain dulcimer. We're throwing in some harmonica here and there too. What you say? MORE REEDS? Sure, why not. Very different sounding. And even a munnharpe on one (finally)!

We just played at Valley Grove Church in the old stone sanctuary for a wedding last weekend and a fine time was had by all. The wedding party observed several Norwegian traditions and encouraged guests to dress in circa 1910 clothing styles.

As we softly played a beautiful Finnish wedding march for just the remaining newlyweds, they fell under its spell and drifted through the last dance of the night in happy exhaustion.

We'll be at the Contented Cow next Saturday, August 24th at 6 p.m. playing for our bassist's cancer surgery Benefit. The public is most welcome to join us!

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What a great time in Nisswa!

Multe just returned from performing at the annual Nisswa Stamman in Nisswa, the best and biggest outdoor Nordic music festival in Minnesota, and let me tell you – we had a blast!

We played a set in the cozy confines of the Summer Kitchen venue where we led off with one of our favorite signature tunes, the hauntingly beautiful Finnish wedding march, Häämarssi. It was the perfect little space to hear that tune blossom into its fullest magic. The rest was polka, waltz and reinlender to show the very appreciative audience the full range of what we do. We even had a wonderful vocal from Ruth that people loved!

At the dances Friday and Saturday, we were "in-betweeners", proving our mettle as first timers to the festival by doing some songs as the sound crew readied the next stage acts. We waded into the middle of the dance floor and let go full steam while all the dancers around us turned into a swirling kaleidoscope of color and energy. It was fantastic to be in their midst playing in a circle like that!

We are certainly looking forward to returning next year and seeing many old and new friends and fans – we hope you're among them!

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Multe is Nisswa bound! www.nisswastamman.com

Some more good news for all you fans and folks – they found a slot for us at Nisswa-Stamman, so we’ll be there for Minnesota’s pre-eminent outdoor Nordic music festival that takes place the second weekend in June.

As of now, we’ll be appearing in the summer kitchen, one of several venues on the grounds of the festival. There is also a chance that we will be playing a few tunes at the dances but we’ll have to wait and see what’s open there and what we’re asked to do. Since dance music is our specialty, we certainly hope they can plug us in somewhere for a part of that action!

St. Urho’s/St. Patrick’s day at the Cow was a great experience like all dates at the Cow and we were pleased as punch (thanks Hubert) to see so many of you there having a great time.

We’ll probably be at the Cow for Norwegian Constitution Day, aka: Syttende Mai, May 17th, as we've almost always been, so check their calendar coming up.

If you've never been to Nisswa for the Nisswa-Stamman – this would be a great year to check it out and become a regular!

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An update and some fantastic news!

Hey folks -

I want to let everyone know about our latest addition to the band – Glenn Lee! Glenn brings a fantastic background in nordic music from his days as a Nordic Jam & Northern Roots Session regular and member of Scandium. He's also an accomplished contra dance music player who has toured New Zealand a couple of times with a contra band there. He'll be playing mostly accordion, but don't be surprised to see him playing other instruments as well.

Multe will be at the Contented Cow on Saturday, March 16th, from 5-7:30. That happens to be St. Urho's Day, so you can celebrate that and/or St. Patricks Day as you wish! Check out the parade and then come and see for yourselves why Multe is earning its reputation as a gem of a band.

We hope to be at the Nisswa Stamman music festival in Nisswa June 8th, but we contacted the sponsors rather late in the game, so we'll have to see if they can squeeze us in somewhere as they've said they'll try to do. Whether we play there or not, anyone who can go should – it's a wonderful and fun festival!

Hope to see you at the Cow March 16th!

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Through the Fall and into Winter!

Summer and Fall certainly flew by, didn't they? Multe's been doing most of its playing at the Contented Cow as ever, our home away from home. We were there for an October Fest celebration and also played for Northfield's annual Winter Walk, which saw people out in droves thanks to the splendid weather. The Cow was full of jolly people, warmed by a drink, good cheer and Multe, bringing just the right music to the setting!

We try to put things on the Cow's calendar in advance, but sometimes just show up over "Contented Hour" on a day or two's notice if we can all make it for a fun surprise. Check the Cow's calendar!

Please remember – Multe is available for dances, house parties, anniversaries, reunions, weddings, graduations, you name it, to either draw you to the dance floor or add a lovely non-intrusive backdrop to your event. Contact us and see what we can put together for your occasion and budget!

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Ready for the Summer!

We recently played in Brainerd for the Sons of Norway Sagatun Lodge's annual Lutefisk Dinner where we entertained a couple hundred members and were very well received. Each to his own of course, but thank goodness for some of us, they also served meatballs!

We also just played for the opening Saturday of Northfield's Riverwalk Arts Fair which will happen every Saturday in bridge square until fall and colder weather necessitate moving indoors until December.

We had a great time and were much appreciated by everyone there too! Some members intend to make a showing there as many Saturdays as we can for the season, so you can look forward to seeing part if not all of Multe bringing you its hallmark of Scandinavian musical sweetness on any given Saturday you're wandering there.

We look forward to seeing you!

We'll be playing for a dance soon where all will be welcome. Stay tuned for that announcement coming shortly!

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