Sunday afternoons at the Contented Cow and Nisswa bound again!

For the last few months, Multe has been playing at Northfield's Contented Cow every other Sunday afternoon from 3-5:30 or so. We're pleased to see the audience steadily growing and getting to know each other as well as the band. We're also happy to see that Linea aquavit has made it to the bar, ready to be made into a delicious Bloody Mary to go with the polse med lefse!

Lately we've been trying a new approach where we dispense with amplification and just gather ourselves in a tight circle in the middle of the patio or music room inside. It has been fostering a very nice sense of intimacy where we are drawing folks in instead of projecting ourselves out. Band and listeners are both enjoying this new arrangement.

Please check the Cow's calendar for when we'll be there.

We have a busy summer ahead with weddings, private events and the much loved Nisswa Stamman happening again this year the second weekend in June in Nisswa, MN. This year, Multe will be presenting both listening and dance sets in two different venues on the festival grounds as well as playing for Friday night's dance at the Legion.

We hope to see many of you in one place or another over the summer!

Been way too long since last word!

Another two seasons have come and gone and here we are at the start of February '15. The band continues to bolster its repertoire of "listening" tunes while periodically oiling up the gammaldans machinery to keep that in good working order.

We've got new tunes by Maar (who were at Nisswa-Stämman last year), Morten Hoirup, Swåp, Kristian Bugge, Geitungen, and Nordafjells.

We'll be back at Nisswa-Stämman this June 12-13th and in the meantime are at The Contented Cow in Northfield, MN every first and third Sunday afternoon from 3-5:30 where they are now featuring Aquavit Bloody Marys and pølser med lefse. Come check it out and hang loose with us for awhile!

Back from Nisswa Stamman!

Hey all – we just got back from the annual Nisswa Stamman where we once again had a great time playing and mingling with a wide variety of other musicians from here and abroad that share our passion for Nordic folk music. Be sure to check out the Stamman's website for a treasure trove of photos and videos that'll give you a good recap of what you experienced or a vicarious one if you couldn't attend this year.

Please check our calendar to see upcoming gigs and remember that we will be at the Contented Cow in Northfield every other Sunday afternoon from 3-5:30 going forward. Which Sundays? You'll need to check that calendar because of vacation schedules for band members etc., so look there to be sure.

Hope to see many of you soon!

So long, Winter! (and wasn't it just so!)

Beers on the patio of the Contented Cow again – finally! We were starting to wonder if the ice bar they had out there this winter would ever go away. Last year, Multe played there as early as March with no more than light jackets on. It sure was a different story this year.

The band is gearing up for another fun season of outdoor (and indoor) playing by kicking things off with a return to the Nisswa Stamman where we'll be featured in two locations this year.

After the Festival's kick off concert Friday night June 6th, we'll be at the American Legion, just down the road from the Festival grounds, taking the stage at 10pm for a half hour of great music for dancers and listeners alike. The following day, Saturday June 7th, we'll be on the Festival grounds in the Dance Barn where you'll find us serving up the dance tunes for a half an hour starting at 2pm. We'll be at the Legion later on for the dance that night too for a brief spot around 10:30.

We hope to see a lot our friends and fans there again like we did last year, it's such a unique event.

We are also playing regularly at The Contented Cow now every other Sunday afternoon from 3pm to 5 or 6. Come join us for a well deserved libation before dinner and get to know our growing concert playlist so well suited to just listening and relaxing to.

Hope to see you all soon!

Did we miss Fall?!

I guess we did or at least we forgot to post anything. Must have been because we've been so busy learning new tunes and trying new instruments on for size! Let's see…Doug is playing munnharpe (jaw harp) on a tune called "Å Kjøre Vatn, å Kjøre Ved", while Jer plays mountain dulcimer and Glenn plays octave mandolin; and then there's yours truly who sings and plays a Nashville tuned guitar on it.

We've definitely gotten a little further into the listening type of music but are ever ready for dancers as always.

We just played last night at the Contented Cow for Northfield's annual Winter Walk which was another "pop-up" gig (like so many are for us) with mere days to try to get the word out. It was a great time, with Dolce following up with their lovely woodwind sounds.

We'll be at the Cow again December 21 from 5-7pm for the Winter Solstice party, so please join us for that if you can.

Have a great Holiday season!